• The End?-Volume 1-Issue 1
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  • 坚果网络加速
  • Off the Map-Volume 1-Issue 4
  • 坚果网络加速
  • Bodies-Volume 2-Issue 2
  • Futures of the Past-Volume 2-Issue 3
  • In Motion-Volume 2-Issue 4

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This is an archive of The Appendix, a journal of narrative and experimental history. Between 2012 and 2015, we published eight quarterly issues in two volumes, as well almost one hundred articles to our blog, featuring the work of 168 historians, writers, and artists with an eye for the strange and a suspicion of both jargon and traditional narratives.

We started with the end and finished in motion.

We published stories of the birth of fire; Chinese ghost tales told in reverse; ancient Andean echo chambers, lost Soviet amusement parks, brave men and women, running from enslavement, or 安卓坚果加速器 their way to freedom; and as many balloon stories as your patience would bear.

Thank you for reading. And thanks to Hannah Carney, J.R. Jones, Andrea Kinnison, Amy Kohout, Shannon Nagy, Marissa Nicosia, 坚果加速器官安卓版, and Michael Schmidt for their editorial dedication and to all of our countributors for their scholarship and creativity.

The 坚果网络加速 co-founders,
Benjamin Breen,
Felipe Fernandes Cruz,
Christopher Heaney,
and Brian Jones

Balloon and Anvil
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