Peter Kay’s comedy series breaks iPlayer record with 2.8 million requests, reports

Peter Kay’s new series named Car Share has snapped off a BBC iPlayer record. The sitcom (that stars Sian Gibson and Peter Kay as 2 colleagues who have to share lifts to work) has become the most successful series of this service to premiere as a box-set to this time after piling up 2.8 million requests.

Peter Kay’s show would make its television debut on BBC One tonight after the comedian decided that the series would help from being showcased in its 6-episode entireness on iPlayer before getting into the small screen.

He stated that he has been blown away by the reply as of now. And, how could he just not be? He is expecting the success to go on and people relish the series Wednesday and Thursday only on BBC One. Read more »

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Shania Twain speaks about country music and her world tour

Shania Twain has spoke up in support of her fellow female singers. Recently, speaking to a leading Canadian magazine, the US country singer talked about a lot of things including her last tour that will start in June. In her interview, Twain told that other female artists are taking a lot of risks in their career and they are fighting against their critics like she did once.

She told that it is very much dominated by men at this point of time. It lacks enough women. Maybe it is more romance that country music is missing right now. Women have a whole lot to say but it takes a lot of guts to say it. Women are the greater risk-takers. When they step out of what is expected in this genre, they are really stepping in the line of fire.

She told that when she first came out with songs, it could have gone either way. It was never going to be anywhere in the middle. There were definitely people criticizing what she was really doing. But Shania really does not regret the choices she actually made or the criticism she took for being a powerful lady woman and speaking her mind with her music. It has served her be able to identify with the women who have come tough way in country music — such as Taylor Swift.

Twain told that those who make it to the top knows that what it’s like, at times, she relive it when she see it again. She feel for that person. She expect that they are being strong right now and they have great backing. She expects that they are not taking it too personally. She has compassion for those.

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