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Peter Kay Promises more Shows of Phoenix Nights

The renowned comedian, Peter Kay, had announced recently that he is planning to bring back his television series Phoenix Nights in the form of a live show.

A non-profit charity organization, Comic Relief, has agreed to help Peter in his efforts. Two dates, namely January 31 and February 1, were announced by Peter Kay. The news was revealed to BBC radio’s Steve Wright. Peter confessed that he was worried that he would find it difficult to bring back together the original cast of the show, 12 years after it had finished.

Peter Kay will feature as both doorman Max and Brian Potter (owner of Phoenix Club). Dave Spikey will make his return as Jerry St Clair, while Paddy McGuinness will reappear as doorman Paddy. The idea dawned upon Kay this year and he believed that the organization of the show would take at least a year. After the announcement from Kay, the fans got excited. The demand for tickets was phenomenal. Therefore, this caused Peter Kay to announce the 13th date for the charity show. Originally, the comedian only announced two live shows of Phoenix Nights next year.

The additional 10 shows were declared within one hour after the tickets were put on sale. The organizers revealed that 120,000+ passes were sold within 3 hours on Sunday November 30. Kay confirmed that passes for the 13th date would be put on sale on Monday at Manchester Arena. Now the series Phoenix Nights will have more shows than Take That’s run at the same venue. The project has also edged past Monty Python’s 10 shows at O2 arena in July.

Juggler headlines a city comedy event

Comedian Steve Royle, who is quite popular throughout Lancashire for his Saturday morning program on the BBC Lancashire as well as Edgar, The Mad Jester from the Charnock Richard park Camelot, is all set to perform at Borough pub, on Dalton Square.

As a juggler, Steve holds the record for equilibrating a Christmas tree on his chin. He also carries the world record for equilibrating an ironing board on his foot. Still, his performance is primarily jokes but he would juggle and it is fair to tell that the owners of The Borough might have more than a little touched on for their pendents when he acts his stunning finale.

Earlier, he backed top comedians like Peter Kay and Dave Spikey. In his autobiography, Peter Kay called him a brilliant comedian artist.

Now, Steve Royle would be supported by Prestonian Phil Ellis, Peter Phillipson and Andrew Stanley. Admission fee for the performance is £9 on the night. And if anyone books this in advance, it would be £7.

Dave Spikey said that he is not the type of comedian who does hundred and twenty dates in a row. He told that he is of a certain age now where he is able to do lots of tour dates, but he spread them across two years. As he takes long to do this, the tour alters from one city to next. He is like a kid with a new toy when he get a new idea and he just have to use it in his next program. It is very important to keep it real fresh and make things different.

Peter Kay is the highest earning comedian

Recently, a new comedy rich list claimed that Peter Kay is the highest earning comedian and in the past 2 years he has earned more than thirty million pound.

The Bolton born stand-up comedian’s 2 companies – Hussein Traders and Goodnight Vienna, have an united income of £ 32.8 million as a result of live events as well as DVD sales. According to reports, the figures were lodged by a leading UK based tabloid based on figures entered with Companies House.

Michael McIntyre, another British comedian, is in the 2nd position in the list. He has an earning of over £ 21 million, which is an important increase from the £ 5 million which he filed in the last 2 years; while John Bishop is in the 3rd spot in the list. He has an earning of £ 6.3 million.

A further eleven stand up comedian artists recorded earnings of over £ 1 million. Sarah Millican is the highest earning female stand up comedian and her income is £ 2 million. Some of the other top earners include Jack Dee (with £ 5.2 million), Russell Howard (£ 4 million) and Frankie Boyle (£ 3.3 million).

Still, the list is not complete as companies owned by top comedy artists – Jack Whitehall and Jason Manford have not filed their complete accounts for the time period.

Other comedy artists, including Lee Evans and Miranda Hart, does not channel their earnings via a company. Lee is thought to rival Peter as a result of his touring schedule, acting career and DVD sales.

Peter Kay’s comedy vehicle

Really interesting news from the BBC. They have confirmed that several shows, including a brand new comedy from United Kingdom stand up comedian Peter Kay, will premiere not on telecast, but through the digital catch up service named1 the BBC iPlayer.

‘Car Share,’ the comedy vehicle of Peter Kay, will be the very first show by BBC to hit online before getting a terrestrial telecast. This is a part of a bundle of forty hours of TV that will be seen first on iPlayer. The time when podcasting started, the BBC was really very strict on podcasting programs over the air.

No ‘new’ programs could go as a podcast, because this was calculated as distorting the United Kingdom market. With the BBC funded by a compulsory television licensing fee it has to be really careful not to abuse the spot that experimenting with brand new technology as well as create new markets.

Now, it appears that the concern is no longer valid. The iPlayer is turning into a way of life very fast in the United Kingdom, and its addition on any desktop or mobile operating system offers said OS a badge of credibility. This is one of the few applications which is simply anticipated to be everywhere. But unlike owning a television, watching shows on iPlayer’s catch up service does not needed the purchase of the license (priced at £145 per year, at present) as the television license is just for seeing live programs.

Peter Kay to travel across UK on a sofa

In the past Comic Relief challenges have seen celebs, trek deserts or run marathons to raise money for worthy cause. But now, British comedian Peter Kay started on what could be termed as the easiest fund raising cause. Peter Kay would not show his athletic powers, rather the thirty nine year old comedian would travel across the United Kingdom on the back of a sofa to help in charity fund raising.

The comedian would hardly have to work too much as he tours the whole country while sat on a sofa for Peter Kay Sit Down for Comic Relief campaign. Peter appeared to be in his element as he flump himself on perfectly themed red sofa, looking comical in a white tracksuitalong with red gilet as well as fur hat.

After getting ready for the day with a bacon sandwich and coffee, Peter was joined on the motorized sofa by James’ lead singer Tim Booth and a number of people piling up money from local people. He even managed to make people smile by playing a pretend guitar that is made out of 2 shovels as he hit the roads.

Peter Kay has always been a big supporter of Comic Relief event for the last few years, and in the year 2005, he unveiled Is This The Way To Amarillo along with Tony Christie to collect money for charity, selling 1.31 million copies as well as stayed at the top of charts for around 7 weeks.
In the mean time, fellow comedian Miranda Hart has stated that she would take part in BT Red Nose Challenge – Miranda’s Mad March that would see her finish a crazy job in a different city each day for 5 days.

Peter Kay unveils new comedy course

Peter Kay, who is one of the most popular graduates of Salford, came back to the University few days back to unveil their new course dedicated to comedy for budding performers and writers.

Peter Kay is a household name in United Kingdom and he discovered his stand up comedy talent during 1990s when he went to the University for HND in Media Performance. He won the North West Comedy Award back in 1996 and later he rose to fame with Phoenix Nights, That Peter Kay Thing, Max and Paddy’s Road to Nowhere as well as sold out countrywide stand up comedy tours.

Few days ago, Kay was at the MediaCityUK campus of the Salford University to unveil their new comedy course or the aspiring students who want to shine their skills in stand-up comedy, sitcom, clowning, physical comedy and sketch writing while digging into the roots of the cultural importance of this art form as well as what makes people laugh.

Students, at the University, were really excited to meet the comedian and also to listen to some of his experiences as a professional comedian. Several students, who are inspired by his career, are now expecting to follow his footsteps.

Lisa Moore, University’s course leader, said that she was really delighted and astonished at the support they got from the industry professionals. She is also very excited about the huge potential of this degree.