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Listened the one about all those comedians who gains over most Premier League footballers. Well, quite luckily for few of funniest performers in UK, it is not a joke. Popular comedians like Peter Kay are grabbing more than 20 million each tour, quite easily outearning more than average top football stars in England.

The outstanding amounts mark a shift towards a brand new group of super stand up artists who can occupy the country’s huge stadiums like big names and pop stars. Peter Kay, born in Bolton, topped the chart of estimated incomes from DVD and ticket sales in the year 2011 with £ 20.34 million – the similar sum which David Beckham and Victoria Beckham together made in 2011.

His total amount include earnings from $ 1.04 million ticket sales and 1.02 million spin-off DVDs. Lee Evans, slapstick comedian, earned £ 12.9 million, whereas Alan Carr earned £ 5.99 million and John Bishop who left his job in marketing and sales to buy stand-up earned £ 4.98 million.

The list was composed using industry experts’ guess that stand up comedians maintain to half of the box-office earnings and a 3rd of the retail amount from the spin-off DVDs. This does not add profits made from all non-DVD trading, autobiographies, media fees, quiz show appearances, brand endorsement or corporate gigs.

This is a far cry from the time when stand up comedians performed in very small theatres or in pub backrooms. Thirty-eight year old Peter Kay blows sell-out events at the O2 Arena and a event finale which includes pyrotechnics.
Since it covers only tours and spin-off DVDs from the year 2011, famous omissions on the chart are Michael McIntyre, another popular comedian who is anticipated to earn up to £ 20 million from his upcoming 57 date tour Jimmy Carr and Ricky Gervais.