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Peter Kay Promises more Shows of Phoenix Nights

The renowned comedian, Peter Kay, had announced recently that he is planning to bring back his television series Phoenix Nights in the form of a live show.

A non-profit charity organization, Comic Relief, has agreed to help Peter in his efforts. Two dates, namely January 31 and February 1, were announced by Peter Kay. The news was revealed to BBC radio’s Steve Wright. Peter confessed that he was worried that he would find it difficult to bring back together the original cast of the show, 12 years after it had finished.

Peter Kay will feature as both doorman Max and Brian Potter (owner of Phoenix Club). Dave Spikey will make his return as Jerry St Clair, while Paddy McGuinness will reappear as doorman Paddy. The idea dawned upon Kay this year and he believed that the organization of the show would take at least a year. After the announcement from Kay, the fans got excited. The demand for tickets was phenomenal. Therefore, this caused Peter Kay to announce the 13th date for the charity show. Originally, the comedian only announced two live shows of Phoenix Nights next year.

The additional 10 shows were declared within one hour after the tickets were put on sale. The organizers revealed that 120,000+ passes were sold within 3 hours on Sunday November 30. Kay confirmed that passes for the 13th date would be put on sale on Monday at Manchester Arena. Now the series Phoenix Nights will have more shows than Take That’s run at the same venue. The project has also edged past Monty Python’s 10 shows at O2 arena in July.

Peter Kay set to host Royal Variety Performance

Peter Kay, the British comedian, will play host to the very first Royal Variety Performance that would take place at The Lowry. The Lyric Theatre will welcome Her Royal Highness The Princess Royal as the guest of honor.

This yearly event will happen on 5th December, Monday. Along with Peter Kay, other top act that would headline the event is Britain’s Got Talent winner Jai McDowall. Joining Jai McDowall at the 83rd Royal Variety event will be people from across the pond that includes US pop star and X factor US judge Nicole Scherzinger as well as singer and The Voice judge Cee-Lo Green.

Fellow Brit people will include chart smashing singer Pixie Lott as well as comedians Greg Davies and Jason Manford. West End show Singin’ in The Rain’s performers will also be on th3 stage along with pop stars Barry Manilow, Il Divo and Tony Bennett. Australian comedian Tim Minchin will give a finishing touch to the line up.

The Lowry’s chief executive Julia Fawcett told that The Lowry is delighted to be hosting the 83rd Royal Variety performance. She added that this is one of many notable highlights in The Lowry’s 11 year history that has seen some of the world’s most talented performers take to their stages and finest artists displayed in their galleries.

Royal Variety Performance will be shown later on ITV1. The Lowry will be shout down to visitors from 5th December, Monday, 4 pm.

Peter Kay Is Ready For “Secret Millionaire Spoof”

English comedian Peter Kay has officially announced that he is making a parody/spoof of the hit TV Show “The Secret Millionaire”. While speaking to Steve Wright of Radio 2 in the afternoon show, the comedian described about this project and also his working experience.

When he was asked about his upcoming projects, the star said that at this moment he will go back and do several types of characters. Actually he will go back to writing characters.

The comedian continued that he has already started doing something in Channel 4 next year. What he is doing is somehow similar or is like a spoof of hit TV show Secret Millionaire. He is essaying the role of an Old Irish guy from Limerick. He runs a coach company.

Peter says that he feels nice to put the stand up away for some time and portray something different. In the show, he will be seen wearing wig, having false teeth and will be someone else for some time for a few years. Kay is happy with the project and also because he has been chosen for the role.

Peter Kay’s earlier TV projects include the highly-popular Phoenix Nights and another hit show which was actually a spoof of Peter Kay’s British television comedy, Britain’s Got The Pop Factor and Possibly a New Celebrity Jesus Christ Soapstar Superstar Strictly on Ice. This show was directed and produced by the comedian himself.

Paralympics Drama beaten by stand-up comedian Peter Kay

A Paralympics drama was beaten by comedian Peter Kay on Channel 4. The drama, featuring Rob Brydon and Eddie Marsan, tells the story of Paralympics that emerged in the year 1948 before the London 2012 Games that set up at the end of August.

Report says that this drama proved to be one of the finest dramas of the year till date. This is Peter Kay’s stand up show after seven years entitled The Tour That Didn’t Tour, premiered on mostly watched Channel 4 having TRP of 4.2m. According to Barb figures that were supplied by the Attentional, this drama is not only the best but is just behind corrupt series Line of Duty.

Whatever it may be, the show was not that capable to match the pull of comedy behemoth Peter Kay. He started Channel 4’s Funny Fortnight which is actually a collection of some brand new comedy with a record of his 2011 stand up show.

The marvelous comedian who gained popularity on C4 through some must watched shows like That Peter Kay Thing and Phoenix Nights, reportedly smashed the slot average of the show and has also beaten all the new comers across the running time of two hour. This one is recognized as Kay’s highest overnights on C4 since the Britain’s Got the Pop Factor and most probably a new celebrity Jesus Christ superstar Strictly on ice that drew a total of 5.67m in the year 2008. The stand-up comedy show was supported by some other new chat show Verry Terry, produced by Facejacker starring Terry Tibbs.

Peter Kay and his support for Bolton Hospice

Peter Kay, the comedian, has given his support to the campaign of The Bolton News to arouse £ 110000 for Bolton Hospice. The 20th anniversary is colliding with the Bolton comic’s support. The Bolton News and Bolton Hospice are expecting to arouse £ 110000 for Hospice at Home team in only twelve months.

Till now, this campaign has evoked over £ 7000. The Hospice at home nurses call at patients in their home and help their families, supporting them with to be at home through the last few weeks o their lives.

The wealth will pay for an extra team of nurses to work in that community that would enable those nurses to provide twice as many people the option to die at their home. Peter Kay is quite popular for his charity works with a bit of comic relief that has let in releasing a adaptation of Tony Christie’s 1971 Amarillo? As well as The Proclaimers’ I’m Gonna Be.

He, last year, gave the proceeds to The Christie from one of his sold out show in Manchester. The comedian, who sold over ten million DVDs, told that Bolton Hospice is an extremely important charity to support as they continue to do incredible and invaluable work in and around the community.

His heartily support has made the staffs at Bolton Hospice very happy. It needs to arouse over £ 2 million each year as an addition to the target of £ 110000 target. Alice Atkinson, the fundraising director at the hospital, told that they are delighted that Peter is backing the Hospice at Home Appeal. They are hoping that his support will help them to reach their £ 110000 target, so that they can provide their home nursing service to the people who really need it.

Peter Kay: King of Comedy DVDs

Renowned English Comedian Peter Kay has taken the top spot for the bestselling DVD of the year 2011 with his “The Tour That Didn’t Tour”.  According to reports, more than a million copies of this DVD has been sold worldwide.

The celebrity comedian had a tough competition from other comedians like Lee Evans, Alan Carr and John Bishop. But in the end he was the winner.  Peter Kay has been named the biggest selling comedian in the United Kingdom as his DVDs have sold more than 10 million copies. Sources suggest that Kay is very happy at the great success of his latest DVD.

In 1997, Kay won the “So You Think You’re Funny” contest on Channel 4.  The popular comedian started his career in TV in the comedy series “New Voices” which was about showcasing new talents. Kay’s episode was called “Two Minutes”. He also appeared on “The Sunday Show” on the BBC2 in which he presented his slot “Peter Kay’s World of Entertainment”. Popular works of this artist include “That Peter Kay Thing” (2000), “Max and Paddy’s Road to Nowhere” (2004), “Phoenix Nights” (2001) and “Britain’s Got the Pop Factor…” (2008). There are also has many DVDs of his live performances such as “Live at the Top of the Tower”, “Peter Kay: Live At Manchester Arena” and “Live at the Bolton Albert Halls”.

Kay was mentioned in the British newspaper “The Observer” in 2003 among the 50 Funniest British Comedians. He was voted at the first spot by the TV show “100 Greatest Funny Moments” on Channel 4.

Reports suggest that the suit worn by the iconic comedian in his video “Is This The Way To Amarillo” has recently been put up for sale online. The suit has been made available for sale separately as the jacket and the trousers. The jacket lining has been signed by Kay with a message “Best wishes and many thanks and garlic bread? And cheesecake? Peter Kay Nov 2006 x”.